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Seed Planters

These are my seed planters for 2016. They planted zucchini, cabbage, onion, leek and cucumber seeds in trays and other containers ready for a new growing season. Thanks people! It feels great to have these things planted and in the greenhouse.

The Seed Planters
The Seed Planters – Nan, Lily, Jon, Joey and Josh


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Tim helped Susanna identify and cut some willow down in the riverbed to do basketmaking. Then the basketmaking began. It was harder and more frustrating than the book suggested. It took a strong hand to get the weave tight. I told Susanna that one probably would need to practice it for quite some time if one was to make a basket like those in the book.

The Collected Willow
The Collected Willow With a Smiling Basketmaker
The Base
The Base of the Basket – the look says it all.
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First Go With Sewing Machine

Lily has been looking forward to using the sewing machine and I said I would teach her after the baby was born. Today was the day. Since it is hard for me to get off the feeding sofa, Susanna helped with demonstrating the set up and the parts. Susanna drew some straight and curved lines on a plain piece of fabric and Lily sewed over them. Lily was very pleased. She learnt how to thread the top of the machine and how to turn corners when sewing. P1010554

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Taking Joy in the Simple Things

A Carpet of Autumn Leaves – brown and gold
Tim cleared and cleaned the end of the bench. Only the fresh picked tomatoes are left.

I went on a walk this morning up and down the driveway before it got too hot. As my focus changed from my aches and pains to the simple blessings around me, I felt joy well up. These are the things I gave thanks for…..


The crunch and swish of stepping through autumn leaves.
A shady place to walk up and down.
The pin oak is getting some nice colours this year.
The branches that Daniel mulched have an awesome woody smell.
A new lot of flowers on this rose after a pruning.