Celebrating the Simple Things of Life

Trip to the Museum

Susanna went to the Canterbury Museum today for a session on Sewing in Pioneering Days. (Thanks Barbara) She tried on some dresses from the era. image001 image002

Joshua is 5

5 today

5 today

Snow Day

We woke up to just enough snow to be fun but not annoying. Philip got Joshie all ready to go out and then built an Olaf with him.

Philip and Joshua make a snowman

Philip and Joshua make a snowman


Tim helped Susanna identify and cut some willow down in the riverbed to do basketmaking. Then the basketmaking began. It was harder and more frustrating than the book suggested. It took a strong hand to get the weave tight. I told Susanna that one probably would need to practice it for quite some time if one was to make a basket like those in the book.

The Collected Willow

The Collected Willow With a Smiling Basketmaker

The Base

The Base of the Basket – the look says it all.

Lily has been looking forward to using the sewing machine and I said I would teach her after the baby was born. Today was the day. Since it is hard for me to get off the feeding sofa, Susanna helped with demonstrating the set up and the parts. Susanna drew some straight and curved lines on a plain piece of fabric and Lily sewed over them. Lily was very pleased. She learnt how to thread the top of the machine and how to turn corners when sewing. P1010554

My precious wee girl

My precious wee girl

Jonathan got the microscope out and looked at a feather. He could see the barbs and the joining  barbules that hook together, interlocking the vane of the feather. Then he took a photo of it down through the microscope. I didn’t think the camera would do that but it did!

Jon and Microscope

Jon and Microscope

Photo of feather through microscope

Jon’s Photo of Feather Through Microscope


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