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Introducing Myself

Kia ora koutou katoa.
Ko Katrina Sampson au.
No Greendale au.
Ko Michael Sampson taku tane.
Ko David, ko Matthew, ko Philip
, ko Daniel, ko Timothy, ko Susanna, ko Jonathan aku tamariki.
Tena koutou katoa.

Greetings to you all.
I am Katrina Sampson.
I am from Greendale. (New Zealand)
Michael Sampson is my husband.
David, Matthew, Philip, Daniel, Timothy, Susanna, Jonathan, Elizabeth and Joseph are my children.
Hello to you all.

The indigenous people of New Zealand are the Maori people. As a child and then at university I learned some of the Maori language. I also took part in school Maori cultural festivals. One thing that is really important in Maori gatherings is introducing oneself. This introduction is called your “mihi”. Everyone stands up, one at a time to say their name, where they are from and who their family are. When one finishes one’s speech, others speak out an encouraging “kia ora”, which means in the context “well done, great to meet you, blessings to you”.

When I came to introduce myself on this website all I could think of was my mihi. As a 5th generation New Zealander of English/Scottish ancestory I don’t recall many times when I have introduced myself in English in such a formal way. Yet I think there could be something of importance to one’s confidence to know who one is, to where one belongs and to whom one belongs. We are home-schooling our children. I might have learning to “mihi” as our next school project.



Married, former nurse, 11 children, homeschooling, Christian, 45y, like gardening, sewing, music making, art and craft, teaching children to read

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