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Barbie Doll Clothes

I actually had the patience this afternoon to make Susanna a dress for her Barbie doll! I found a pattern for the bodice at The fabric was leftover from my bridesmaids’ dresses from 16 years ago! Lily, Jon, Susie and Daniel watched the procedure, Lily playing with pins, Jon helping by putting down the sewing machine’s foot (this was the most patience-testing part), and Daniel and Susie asking questions. One hour later I had a very happy little girl and now Barbie is a bit more modest. (We have a rule that Barbie can’t come out of the bedroom unless she is dressed.)



Married, former nurse, 11 children, homeschooling, Christian, 45y, like gardening, sewing, music making, art and craft, teaching children to read

One thought on “Barbie Doll Clothes

  1. Good for you mom! Girls often imitate the dolls they play with. I am teaching my daughter the same. She loves to dress up, but she knows that modest dress is the best. May you and your family be blessed as you press on in the modest direction!


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