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Hatching Chicks

The broody hen has two chicks which hatched on Sunday. Three days later she rejected the 4 other eggs that had not hatched. We found them cool to touch this morning. We warmed them with hot water bottles and two began to peep again! Half an hour later I decided to help them come out. I carefully peeled away shell and membrane. My hands were shaking a little. The two eggs that peeped are now two cute healthy-looking chicks. Very cute! Their names are “Strength” and “Faith”. It is cold today so we didn’t want to put them straight back under the broody hen incase she rejected them and they got cold. So this evening Mike made a home for them in a cardboard box complete with a 100W bulb attached to a light fitting and a wok lid. He has made a fantastic job and Daniel is very happy two chicks have been saved.

The chicks in Mike's heated box

The marbles are in the water so the chicks wont drown.



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