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First Camp and What Two Hobbling Ladies Did

The three older boys had their first experience of going to a camp this weekend at Glenroy. It was only for one night therefore affordable for us. It was a Men’s camp. Mike went too. They seemed to have really enjoyed it .

My dear mother came to help me while they were away. She had a sore back but still managed to hang out washing, help Susanna sew, Prepare lots of veges and tidy up the girls’ bedroom. What a woman!

It was quiet without the big deep voices booming through the house. Lily said “I don’t like Dad going away because he’s taken all my friends.” I think she was missing all the attention that the 3 older boys give her with tickles, cuddles, talks and games.

Daniel was a fabulous right hand man for the two hobbling ladies. He did the digging jobs, lifting jobs and anything else we woman couldn’t manage. Thanks Dan, what a man you are!

Daniel and Tim had a lovely time building a lego table soccer game that really works. I was very impressed.

Jon’s clothes got sorted out. I found the next size pyjamas and trousers. He had a “trying on session” and was very pleased with everything except the thin jeans. “I would like to be able to breathe,” he said.

Mum brought some cheerful winter flowers from her garden to match her cheerful attitude. I love my Mum. She's the best mother in the world.


Married, former nurse, 11 children, homeschooling, Christian, 45y, like gardening, sewing, music making, art and craft, teaching children to read

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