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The Accident

Eight days ago Mike had an accident. He was carrying Joshua and stepped over the playpen wall. Unfortunately his Croc’s strap got caught on the top of the wall and he landed with a crash. I heard him call “I’ve fallen over with baby!” As I rushed over he said, “Deal with baby”. I could see that Joshua, although crying and shocked, was alright, but Mike was sprawled out on the floor unable to move because of pain. I kept asking, “Are you alright?” “Can you get up?” “What is sore?” After about 10 minutes he rose and slowly walked over to the sofa. He was clutching his chest on the left side over his heart. Then he began to shake. He shook for about 10 minutes clutching at his heart. I said “Do you want an ambulance?” He couldn’t answer so I just dialed 111. I needed the support and help. I rang two lots of neighbours and they were both out.

Well, it took almost an hour for the ambulance to come. By that stage Mike was his cheerful self again but very sore. The paramedic thought he had probably cracked a rib or two. Now, 8 days later his chest is still very sore, especially when sneezing! His elbow has a giant area of bruising and is very sore to touch. It is very different to have him unable to do a lot of the lifting of little people. The older boys have helped to do that. Thanks guys.

We are also very grateful to the Lord and amazed that Joshua was unhurt. As the paramedic said, “Babies bounce”.

The ambulance on the driveway


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