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Solar Eclipse Excitement

Today dawned without a cloud in the sky – perfect for the solar eclipse. It grew eerily dim and cold this morning as the moon passed in front of the sun.

Daniel made a marvelous Pin Hole Solar Eclipse Viewer. It was so exciting when we discovered it really worked.

A long cardboard tube with a pinhole at one end and a viewing hole and white screen at the other end. See the image of the eclipsed sun on the screen in the end of the roll.

Next we discovered the sunlight filtering through the trees was crescent shaped too! Amazing!

The trees acted as a pinhole camera and hundreds of images of eclipsed suns were on the concrete

Daniel suggested he take his viewer down to the local country school to show the children there. I rang the school and the teacher was delighted with Daniel’s idea as they had only seen it on the internet, not “in real life without pixels” says Daniel. So I sent Daniel down to the school on his own. It was Daniel’s first time going to school, but he was a ‘teacher’! He explained how his viewer worked and then got the children to line up to have a peep. Good one Daniel.



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