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Pigeon Bay Picnic

Daniel and Timothy on ‘Short Circuit’ with Pa getting ready for the race

Last Friday, on Show Day, we ventured out to Pigeon Bay for a picnic. I really like this place. There is so much to do and one day isn’t enough for all the activities available. (Some children did not want to leave.)

Sailing in the Race
Lily makes a new friend. This lady was very patient and kind and listened to Lily’s chatter.
Boys on the rocky shore finding crabs and rock fish and skimming stones over the sea surface.
Joshua loved the day
We met up with my cousin and cousin-in-law Nicola and Terry. Here is Jon with Terry.
Joseph threw stones in the sea.
Finding Crabs
Joshua with Dad
Joseph sitting with Nan
Susanna on the rope swing. Lily went on this later in the day when the tide had come in. She fell off and splashed into the sea. This was a fright for a 4 year old!
After tea we spent time at the lagoon. Here Susanna, Tim and Daniel dig in the sand.
Joshua digs in the sand.
The Lagoon
Philip helps Elizabeth out of the dingy.
Boating on the Lagoon

David rows Jon along in the dingy