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An Afternoon in Akaroa

At 9:19am we left for Akaroa and got there at 12:40pm after buying lunch and visiting Nan on the way.

After buying a few scoops of hot chips from Akaroa F&C shop we headed to the playground to eat. The little children laughed at the squawking seagulls fighting for food scraps and Daniel’s spilled lunch. Mike timed each youngun as he or she got from A to B on the playground equipment. Congratulations to Matthew who performed it in a winning 8 seconds and 64 milliseconds. Philip came in a close second.

Next we went to the lighthouse, explaining it’s operation and purpose to Joey. From the lookout there we watched a Cormorant bird diving for seafood. Across the road was an entrance to The Garden of Tane. We walked up the forest track, through some slippery mud to the play ground at the top. The iron horse wasn’t rocking today but provided a place for a family photo. The path back down the hill was less muddy which some people were happy about.

Finally we went down to the beach area and the girls had a paddle in the freezing sea and Lily collected shells. Joshua was fascinated with the rhythm of the tiny waves of the sea moving back and forth on the sand. He threw sand into the sea.

On the way back over the hill the two little boys slept which was pleasant! At Little River we visited my Gran’s grave. Then back home to cook tea with Matthew and some help from various others with all the jobs.

It was really interesting to see how much patience each of us had to exercise today in different ways to make the trip great for a group of people with a wide range of ages. Thanks to the young adults who helped with little children and for the little children being pleasant while driving home. For a family who doesn’t get out together very much it was great to make a memory.

Tim on the monkey bars
Joseph on the slide
Joshua and Matthew in the tunnel
Smiley Jon with Philip taking photos in the background
Family photo in Garden of Tane
Mike helps Joshua climb up the slide
Mike helps Joshua climb up the slide
Joshua enjoys the playground
Headstone at Gran's grave
Headstone at Gran’s grave
At (Great) Gran's grave
At (Great) Gran’s grave


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