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Susanna the Helper

The last of the beetroot was calling out to be made into beetroot chutney and Susanna was the girl to help. While I skinned beetroot she sliced beetroot in the kitchen whizz. Next she measured ingredients while I cut up the onions. Lastly she helped with drying jars and with putting lids on after I filled the jars. We were such a great team and I enjoyed her willing help and joyful company. I love you Susie.

Susanna, Lily and me with the Beetroot Chutney
Susanna, Lily and me with the Beetroot Chutney

Beetroot Chutney Recipe

1kg Beetroot (cooked and peeled)

500g onions

1 cup vinegar

3 tsp salt

1 cup sugar

1 tsp ground spice

pinch cayenne pepper

1 tbsp cornflour

1 tbsp extra vinegar

Peel cooked beetroot and mince beetroot and onions. Place in large saucepan with the vinegar, salt, sugar, spice and cayenne. Boil for 20 mins. Mix cornflour and extra vinegar together. Stir into relish. Cook for 3 mins. Spoon into clean and dry jars and seal.

I got this recipe from my neighbour who got it from the internet from someone called Joanna.



Married, former nurse, 11 children, homeschooling, Christian, 45y, like gardening, sewing, music making, art and craft, teaching children to read

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