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Harvesting Onions

Susanna and I pulled up the onions last evening. We were shocked at how many there were – 427 and that was just one $3 packet of seeds. Well, that will take a while to chomp through, so we watched a few youtube videos on braiding onions for storage. We didn’t have time to do any braiding last night but we did lay the onions out on newspaper to dry. Today my father came and showed us his father’s method of tying up onions which wasn’t anything like the videos. By the time I got back from Lily’s ballet and Daniel’s guitar lesson Susanna had almost the whole lot strung up in the garage.

400 onions drying on newspaper
400+ onions drying on newspaper
Susanna stringing up onions
Onions stored in garage

I use Oderings onion seeds. They were only $2.69 and contained 400 seeds.



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One thought on “Harvesting Onions

  1. We have a bumper crop of onions, too. I didn’t count, and we haven’t pulled all of them yet, but most are red onions, which won’t keep as well. I’m dehydrating them, a dehydrator full a day. Glad to have a place outside to plug that in!

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