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Dog Bone Soup

My friend Patricia recently showed me how to make bone broth. Mike found a bag of bones in the dog food section of the supermarket. After 24 hours of simmering we got a thick, rich, gluggy pot of broth.  We are having it for lunch each day as soup. It has added kumara, carrot, parsnip, celery, kale, onion and leek, most of which is from the garden. Matthew has coined it ‘Dog Bone Soup’.

Dog Bone Soup served and ready for the groups
Dog Bone Soup served and ready for the troups


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One thought on “Dog Bone Soup

  1. Yum! I’ve bought dog tucker bags from the meatworks Gayle works at before, to make broth. When we butcher our own steers, though, I get them to cut the bones into 10-15 cm lengths and make it from them, then bottle the broth using my big pressure cooker. We make chicken broth when we butcher and cut up young roosters, too! So good, and makes nourishing meals so easy.

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