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Taking Joy in the Simple Things

A Carpet of Autumn Leaves – brown and gold
Tim cleared and cleaned the end of the bench. Only the fresh picked tomatoes are left.

I went on a walk this morning up and down the driveway before it got too hot. As my focus changed from my aches and pains to the simple blessings around me, I felt joy well up. These are the things I gave thanks for…..


The crunch and swish of stepping through autumn leaves.
A shady place to walk up and down.
The pin oak is getting some nice colours this year.
The branches that Daniel mulched have an awesome woody smell.
A new lot of flowers on this rose after a pruning.


Married, former nurse, 11 children, homeschooling, Christian, 45y, like gardening, sewing, music making, art and craft, teaching children to read

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