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The Silver Lining of a Tummy Bug

It is so pleasant to have everyone well again from a tummy bug. Although I would not choose my family to suffer in this way, there were a couple of great things that happened as a result.

Firstly, Becky has begun to enjoy some solid food. We have been trying to get her to eat solids for five months but she would always cry and cry. The combination of her hunger at the end of this tummy bug and the fact that I had a dwindling milk supply (from her not drinking much when sick and then me getting sick and not being able to eat much) that she just had to eat solids. What a relief!

Secondly, when Tim had a relapse of the bug he was so doubled up with stomach pains and cramping he could hardly move or walk. I had the opportunity to show much love and care to him, trying to make him comfortable in bed with hot water bottles, hot camomile tea, kind words and attention late one night. The next morning he said he felt really loved by his Mama. I am glad he feels like that because he is loved!

Becky in the high chair




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