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The Silver Lining of a Tummy Bug

It is so pleasant to have everyone well again from a tummy bug. Although I would not choose my family to suffer in this way, there were a couple of great things that happened as a result.

Firstly, Becky has begun to enjoy some solid food. We have been trying to get her to eat solids for five months but she would always cry and cry. The combination of her hunger at the end of this tummy bug and the fact that I had a dwindling milk supply (from her not drinking much when sick and then me getting sick and not being able to eat much) that she just had to eat solids. What a relief!

Secondly, when Tim had a relapse of the bug he was so doubled up with stomach pains and cramping he could hardly move or walk. I had the opportunity to show much love and care to him, trying to make him comfortable in bed with hot water bottles, hot camomile tea, kind words and attention late one night. The next morning he said he felt really loved by his Mama. I am glad he feels like that because he is loved!

Becky in the high chair


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Garden Kickoff

The new season is here. We cleared much of the garden on Saturday and emptied the compost bins. I did hours of digging and was very stiff in my back and arms the next day. (Need to toughen up.) Today I planted seeds in pots with some helpers. The only catastrophe was when Mr. Three decided to walk through the pots and stepped into one of them tipping out contents. As I said to Philip, it was a great patience building project for me. We probably planted 400+ seeds. The seeds planted were zucchini, pepper, cabbage, broccoli, thyme, origanum, onion, sage.

Compost bins emptied and repositioned
Compost bins emptied and repositioned
A truck load of pig manure arrived today from a Greendale pig farm.
We are enjoying the winter cauliflowers from the greenhouse at the moment.
Helpers who planted seeds. Joey helped too but did not want to be in the photo.
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20th Wedding Anniversary Getaway to Auckland

Thanks to the Hilton for a free nights’ accommodation, an Air New Zealand ticket sale several months ago and two obliging grandparent-small-child-looker-afters we got a trip away for our 20th. We went on a plane, bus, train and boat. Mike is so good at travel I didn’t need to worry about a thing, just have fun. I have a new appreciation of all the travel he does to earn a living. I thought I was not going to be able to sleep but after walking 15000 steps that day (according to Mike’s step counter) I fell asleep very easily.

It was exciting to see Auckland for the first time. I first noticed some different trees – palms and pohutukawa. The sea breeze smelt fresh (except when walking past heaps of people smoking on Queen Street.) A city on a hill with ups and downs everywhere was interesting for a change, and it wasn’t broken!! Most people smiled back when I smiled at them. I felt like asking people how they lived in this giant metropolis (but didn’t.) It was so interesting to see so many different but ordinary people doing what they do in a city. (Women driving buses and trains, business women, women cooking and waitressing, women politicians, women working at the airport…..) I saw an older baby in a pram on Queen Street. It was so nice to see a little person (and Mike said the baby knew I was a mega mother because he waved to me.)

We visited New Lynn where Mike lived as an 11-16 year old – his parents being Salvation Army Corps Officers. The current officers let us look around and told us all about the work they do now like Budgeting advice, Food Bank, Addiction help, Seniors Friendship Programme.

We had a very nice time together and I’m looking forward to our 30th.

Lunch in the Koru Club Lounge Before Take-Off
Hilton Hotel on The Waterfront
On the Quay – We are off to Devonport for dinner (at Subway)
Sat on the beach at Devonport and collected a few shells to show the kids.
Going back to Auckland Central – The city looked so pretty
Buffet breakfast at the Hilton and then a photo off the balcony
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Walking to the Waireka River

We live about 500 metres from a river. Most of the year it is a dry river bed. Presently it has sparkly water and looks so pretty. We enjoyed the sunshine and scenery this morning on a walk down there.

Ready for a walk
Ready for a walk
Tim along the bank. The grass was pressed flat where water once was flowing several days ago.
Venturing off along the river bank
Susanna made a dam/pond
Lily Paddling
Throwing stones into river
Walking with Daddy